Below are some of the sponsors already confirmed for the competition. Please check back for information on new sponsors.

The Alcohol Professor

An online “homeroom” to learn about all things bibulous – beer, wine, spirits and cocktails, along with travel tips, book reviews, bar reviews, recipes and videos.

Recent Posts:
Taste Test: Orange Liqueurs for Cocktails

The murky history of cocktail lore contains hints and suggestions about the origins of many staples of the modern bar. Among those tales you find the story of orange liqueur…

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Getting Chile With It: Ancho Reyes Verde

As a fan of anything spicy, I was intrigued to get a taste of Ancho Reyes Verde Chili Poblano Liqueur; as someone who typically drinks beer or wine, I wasn’t quite sure what… 

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A Spy Who Loved Wine

It’s not often that a wine professional needs his memoir cleared by the CIA, butnot many have led as eventful a life as Peter M.F. Sichel.

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Brandy, You're a Fine Gulp

Bourbon might be America’s native spirit, but fruit brandy is right up there with rum as the pioneering distillate of the land. 

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Drinks Trade Magazine

An integral part of the drinks Publications, and a division of thedrinks association. It was launched in 2007 as a bi-monthly publication and reaches both the on and off-premise markets, offering in-depth and up to date information on the industry.

Produced and managed by custom-publishing company, Hip Media, drinks trade enjoys a reputation as one of the most widely read information sources for liquor industry professionals. Drinks trade follows an editorial policy of ‘business-first’ and is afforded unrivaled access to vital industry information.

Winners of Asia International Wine Competition will be published in Drinks Trade magazine.

Drinks World

Drinks World Magazine is a collective of the most highly respected local identities supported by international experts – the industry coming together.

Drinks World Asia is a high-end drinks publication dedicated to the dynamic world of the Asian beverage industry and all that it entails; the people, the trends, the marketplace, the brands and of course the ever-loving drinks enthusiasts.

This is a magazine for the industry professional involved with the service of drinks; relevant to both sides of the bar – buyers, managers, sommeliers, bartenders, marketeers and sales managers. If you buy, market or sell drinks in Asia Drinks World Asia will be a must-read.

Drinks Bulletin

Drinks bulletin is a new dedicated website of Industry News, when & where you need it most. Now online and delivered to your inbox weekly, it’s fresh, exciting and just a click away, keeping you up-to-date on news, views and brand activity.

Wine's Link

Wine’s Link International Holdings Limited is a major wine company based in Hong Kong. Their core business is wine wholesale and retail. 

Wine’s Link has a strong background on sourcing premium fine wine, particularly with négotiants in France. They have a diverse range of vintages from classic wine regions. All wines are purchased from trusted source and handled by professional hands. Wine’s Link strives to provide the ultimate wine experience. The team is always ready to offer professional wine advice as well as the latest market information.